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Peace of mind through individual life insurance

Leave the complexity to us, life is simple and so is insurance. Our expertise will simplify your search, so you can get back to what you love most.

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  • Access to all major carriers
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  • The right policy for your specific needs
  • A trusted local advisor
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All major insurance carriers

We offer all major carriers in Canada, get your full market analysis today! YVision Financial is proud to be part of a, one of a kind MGA, Peak Insurance Services Inc.

More than
Life Insurance

If you were building a fence to protect your home, would you build it one-sided? We’re truly blessed to be in a position of value, that means we look at your financial and insurance needs with a 360-degree perspective.

No hidden costs
No sales quotas

Unlike captive advisors in banks and insurance companies, we don’t have sales pressure here. No hidden agendas, no proprietary benefits from one carrier to another… just honest advice.

What our clients say

In a complex world…safety and peace of mind can be made simple.

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